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Maintaining weight that is considered as a healthy one is not going to be easy in a culture that is dominated by eating and running to complete our jobs and also by going for massive portions. Many people have tried to lose weight in quick time but have failed miserably. The biggest misery that is piled on is as a result of diets that do not work on a long term basis.

Pukhtoonistan Gazette will show you small but powerful ways of avoiding dieting pitfalls that are common so that you will be able to achieve weight loss and maintain it on a long term basis while developing a healthy relationship with food that you like.

We have a team of analysts who work together to offer you insight on how to manage your weight through simple equations. It is not so difficult to remember that you will gain weight when you consume more calories than what you are able to burn. If you eat lesser number of calories than you are able to burn in a day, then you are bound to lose weight. Despite this simple equation, many people find it hard to lose weight and that is because they do not follow any regimen with discipline.

Pukhtoonistan Gazette shows you that losing of weight is not at all a linear event over a period of time. When you cut down the number of calories that you take in a day, you may drop few pounds every week but you will realize that it is not happening week after week and that you are not losing weight as you did in the first few weeks. This is because when you lose weight initially, you are also losing lean tissue, fat and water. Your metabolism slows down and your body will change in several other ways. Your body is bound to react differently to specific kinds of food. For example, eating fifty calories of corn syrup will have a different effect on the body than taking fifty calories of broccoli. Pukhtoonistan Gazette shows you in its Weight Loss Guide that the secret for sustaining weight loss is to avoid foods that are full of calories but do not make you feel full or satisfied like chocolates and then replace them with foods that are likely to fill your stomach up without being packed with calories, such as vegetables.

The Weight Loss Guide of Pukhtoonistan Guide will also explain that losing of weight in a sustainable and healthy way requires lot of time. It needs commitment and patience. Extreme diets will leave you cranky and starving for more food. When people eat for comfort or to relieve their stress, it damages all efforts for weight loss.

It is better to condition your brain to crave for healthier food. You will have to make smart choices when you eat every day. You have to adopt healthier lifestyle changes and develop good eating habits. It will help you develop more energy and enhance your outlook on life.