Farmers deserve help to take correct production decisions

Khalid Khan
Wednesday, 09-November-2011


Mixed farming pay dividends reduce income variation
 Imperfect insurance system negatively impact farms

Islamabad:  Farmers deserve right production decisions to reduce
 risks associated with their occupation, a business leader said Wednesday.
 Production risk is inherent in agriculture due to multiple factors
 including dependence on weather that can be minimized through proper
 intervention, Mian Shahid said.
 Workshops, seminars, advertisement, distant education, and road shows can
 enhance awareness among the rural population majority of which is directly
 or indirectly associated with the agriculture, he said in a statement
 issued here today.
 Mian Shahid said that livestock play an important role in risk control; it
 improves household welfare through reduction in income variability.
 Mixed farming enables rural families to decrease exposure to risk through
 diversification, he added.
Grain prices are not advancing as fast as that of milk and meat which is
 an added incentive, he said adding that sale of milk, yogurt, cheese,
 butter oil and lassi promises daily flow of income.
 Mian Shahid, who is CEO of Saudi Pak Insurance Company, said that
 incomplete or imperfect insurance markets always have a negative impact on
 the farm management.

 He said that concept of incomplete insurance has been expanding while
 optimal risk sharing is yet to make inroads in the Pakistani market which
 is necessary to support farming community.

 Agriculture accounts for about one-fourth of the gross domestic product,
 earns about 60 per cent of export revenues in primary and processed forms,
 and provides employment for half of the increasing labor force therefore
 it merits proper attention, he said.



















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